OVERLY AFFECTIONATE 9 year old with mild CP & mild learning problems — Scope | Disability forum
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OVERLY AFFECTIONATE 9 year old with mild CP & mild learning problems

QUINNEY5643 Member Posts: 5
My son is 9 years old and is officially diagnosed with mild CP. He has done extremely well physically but does have some learning problems. He attends mainstream school and does have 'friends' to tea etc. He enjoys life and within 12-18 months, will have a settlement for his clinical negligence case. My query is ... he is a VERY affectionate child, sometimes inappropriately. After seperating with his father a year ago, I am now in a new relationship. Having introduced Jamie to my new partner - he has formed a very quick relationship with him and is already telling him he loves him and attempts from time to time, to call him Dad. He seems very immature emotionally for his age but is quite 'age appropriate' in so many other ways. He has always been an affectionate child yet now he is getting a little older - it can seem inappropriate. Does anyone have experience of this type of behaviour?


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