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Pains in chest, is this cp related or something else?? advice please

kieransmum Member Posts: 12 Connected
Hi my son kieran is 10 and has mild cp, about 6 months ago he started getting severe chest pains that on one occasion knocked him to the floor. I took him straight to my gp who wasnt very helpful, she said she didnt know what this was but wasnt worried about it. But would write to kierans paediatrician to get some advice! well six months on he's still having these pains (thought to be muscle spasms) so i contacted my gp again asking if she had spoken to my peadiatrician and she told me that she had forgotten!! she is now taking me seriously and is writing a letter to the childrens hospital to ask the to look into it. She mentioned that the only thing she could suggest to do would be to put him on muscle relaxing pills, like valium or diazipam which really shocked me....does any of your children suffer from pains like this, im so concerned for my son as nobody really seems to know what it is and why its happening! this happens about 3 times a week now and im worried they will just keep ignoring the problem or shoving pills at my son without finding out the root cause, PLease help thank you


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