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laynie Member Posts: 3
please can someone help me my 12yr old daughter is going through pubity, she has mood swings, depression, anger, long bouts of crying, is nasty to everyone around her wether they be strangers or family, it is so bad that i am afraid to take her out as her outbursts and crying over the least little thing can go on for hours, I am at a loss to know what to do , she has discovered boys at her school and this has caused problems too, we have tried taking to her in ways that she can understand but this has not gained us any ground


  • chelskipete
    chelskipete Member Posts: 4
    Hi there

    I'm 43 and have slight Ataxic CP. I also have a 10 year old who is just starting to enter pubity. For what its worth I had a lot of problems during my teenage years, the hormones made my CP a lot worse. I'm sure you know being a teenage kid 14 iis hard enough without CP. My parents both had very different approaches. My mum was extremely strict and my dad was very liberal. This lead to a lack of boundaries which led to a breakdown in relations. I moved out as soon as I could.

    My advice is to give her some boundaries but with understanding that is incredibly hard at that age and if she is at mainstream school it is hard, but a good education is essential. Both parents/family need to keep the same messages of encouragement and guidance to give her stability, and she may still go off the rails! That is teenagers!

    Let her have a boyfriend if she wants, it was a big deal for me and helped me feel normal.

    FInally, all parents go through this, my daugther has many of the issues highlighted and she doesn't have CP! But you need to help her accept the way she is because it doesn't go away experience and love make it easier to deal with.



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