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Help need to sort out medical/travel insurance

laulau19799 Member Posts: 2
My son has CP & a long list of other conditions finding it a really struggle to get him a medical insurance to cover his conditions for us to go on a family holiday to Paris in March 2013 - my question is who has people used to cover medically

many thanks


  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering

    I shared your question on twitter to see if anyone had any recommendations. Here were two replies:

    Louise said:
    I've always found really good for disability travel insurance

    Andrew said:
    I have CP and have never had a problem with Travel Insurance in 30 years of travelling independently.. Try Sainsbury's (honest).

    Hope that helps,
  • barneypup
    barneypup Member Posts: 17
    Fish insurance do insure people with more than two medical conditions.. My daughter has CP, asthma and epilepsy and she had had a recent hospital admission and they insured us to go to Spain for a family holiday.. Good luck


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