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Weighted Blankets

TripletmomTripletmom Member Posts: 37
Hi my son has real bad muscle spasms and involuntary movements during the night looked into weighted blankets but my OT doesnt think much of them? Anyone with any experience?


  • LilyWLilyW Member Posts: 18
    Yeha, II aheve cp annd I haavve had llotlds of diferent weeight es d blkankets. TYHey are very good when you hvave muscle smpams ; they reduce them greathjky 9(weell they did for mwe)
  • TripletmomTripletmom Member Posts: 37
    Thank you for your reply we have a look at some and also ask the OT. will let you know how we get on:)
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    Hi Tripletmom

    I have also asked my OT about weighted blankets and she also was negative about them (something to do with safety if they get over a childs face or something). I person ally think it's because they cost a lot and they don't want to have to pay for them. They've also said no to a skin suit which I thought would really help Tom with his posture, and no to a sleep system even though one of his hips is being pulled from it's socket by high tone... Ho hum.

    Lily, what is it that makes weighted blankets feel good? Can you try to explain to me in what way it helps? sorry to question you (again!)

    Maria x

  • TripletmomTripletmom Member Posts: 37
    Hi Maria,

    My OT did say the same about the safety, she has said to have a good think first. I know a lot that have been told no to the suits, again the cost!??. I know you shouldn't have too put what about funding? Have you tried any charities for a sleep system. Cant believe your son has hip problems and they said no??? I've just had the bamboo sleep system ordered for my son to help with his sweating.

    Kelly x
  • imogen37imogen37 Member Posts: 61 Listener

    What I have read about the weighted blankets from FB sites etc is that they are calming, can be used on any child but not recommended for non-mobile children for night time because of safety. My thinking is that if the child is not moving he should not be able to wriggle himself under the blanket, but you never know. Have no personal experience with them.

    As for sleep system, well, we had one. Ditched it after a week as it did nothing to improve sleep. Marten was never comfortable in it, he liked his position changed during the night and all these bits and bobs in the sleep system made it difficult. None of us would sleep in the same position all night, yet a child with postural problems is expected to do it - doesn't make sense to me.

    Maria, I think it is unlikely that a sleep system would help Tom's hip as unfortunately the tone/ spasms issues are more powerful and persistant :-(

  • TripletmomTripletmom Member Posts: 37
    That is so true i'm on my third one:), keep thinking this new one will make him sleep! what planet am i on. My son is the same like to be re positioned and i always say the same if we lie on our side, you get a dead arm so our little ones just want to do the same x
  • LilyWLilyW Member Posts: 18
    Honestly Mmria, I don;''t mind being questionED! I think that htt e blanket makes jjme feeol calm an nd Indon't like the feling of my legs b eing 'free', klike when they are ouout of their supports because it's hard to exxplaisn but they feelk like they are too light abd ike they mihgt fall off or something! RTthgey definitely callm my legs d own and I get less muscle spaasms. I jusyt have it oiver my legs becasu e of the sd=danger of it geteting on to my neack or m e getting tangled in iot or stucvk. I do wear night splints but they are light neaoprene ones with hardly andy metakl and my legs spasm easily. I thiunjk thaqt the weighted blanket makeees them more like they ar e trapped, which is a good thing.
    Lily xx
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    Hi all

    Lily, thanks hon - what you said totally makes sense. I may have a go at making a weighted blanket and give it a go with Tom.

    Re: sleep systems, you are totally right about tone/spasms being more of an issue than posture. I don't know whether a simple cushion between Tom's knees would help support his leg while he was side-lying just to keep it in a good position but I'm not even sure Tom would like a sleep system even if he had one! He gets so hot and sweaty anyway - today he was so wet after his nap I had to change his t-shirt. Not sure if that's a temp regulation issue or just that he's immobile and just gets hot. Being in a sleep system might make this worse.

    Maria xx
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