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Peg v button for feeding..which is better?

SinskiSinski Member Posts: 16 Listener
Hi. My son is 3 and had a peg in for 2 years. He has severe CP. He does eat orally but we need the tube for fluids. We are due to have the peg changed to a micky button next week as I thought it would be better now im not so sure. The point of having it changed was so our son, Nico, doesnt have the tube hanging out all the time. He has a tendancy to pull the tube and sometime it can get caught. But now i have done some research, i understand that the Micky can be pulled out really easily. Nico has high tone in his arms so he cannot grab the stroma site easily, more just the hanging tube. Can anyone share their experiences and preferences? Im not sure whether we should keep the peg or change to a button. thank you


  • LilyWLilyW Member Posts: 18
    I have had a button since I was 3 (I am now 15) and it is really great. It is much safer than the peg and easier, it's not as easy to pull out as the peg, although I would find that difficult myself as I can't use my arms very well (this is being typed for me). I would recommend getting it changed soon because if your son is used to having the peg, he will find it harder to adjust to the mickey button. But I have it for everything because I have spastic quadriplegic cp but that is not why I can't eat orally; the reason for that is because I had cancer in my throat when I was 3. I hope that this is useful.
  • SinskiSinski Member Posts: 16 Listener
    Thanks Lily. Having an opinion from a seasoned expert is really helpful. You take care.
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