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Job for disabled people in Birmingham

Bart Member Posts: 2

I'm from Poland and I'm going to go to Birmingham. At first I'd like to find out if I have any chance for a job in England, as a disabled person with cerebral palsy. I'm walking on crutch.
I am IT Technician with the speciality in databases.
Unfortunately I don't have any proffessional experience in IT yet, beside practice during my education. I have an experiance in journalism cause I was warking in media-monitoring for 8 years (work by the internet). I'm still improving my IT abilities. I am a self-learner in webmastering for example (HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL). I have very good knowledge about MS Office (or Open Office), so I can work with the office programs or databases.
I've finished the FCE course also. I've been to England, so I know, that there are no problems with communication for me. Maybe my english is not perfect yet, but I'm still working over it.
The main question is, Do I have any chance for a job, as a foreigner with the disability? Do you know any person, who works in the UK with the same problem?
I would be grateful if someone could help me or just give a piece of advice. I'd like to stay in The UK, so I have to find a job that I can take with the disability.

Best Regards


  • Ville
    Ville Member Posts: 3
    As long as the strength is not a problem
  • Bart
    Bart Member Posts: 2
    I'm walking on crutch, so my strength is not so bad I think. I can't take any manual labour (physical work). I think about any office work or seated work, with the computer, files, database. I could even be a hotel receptionist because I had an internship in it.
    But I've read here, that employers in UK (like in Poland) don't want to employ people with CP. So I don''t know if I should take a risk.. But the main think is - what do the people with CP do in England, as emploees? Do you know any examples?

    Benefits are certainly not enaugh for life.
  • kingboy25
    kingboy25 Member Posts: 57 Listener
    Of the more than a dozen people with C.P that I know, including two with degrees only two have had a long term job and one has just started a job. The two in long term work were in I.T one taking early retirement some years ago. The two with degrees have never worked. The one who has just started a job I don't know a lot about.
    Having said that they are all full time wheelchair users apart from the retired person and the one recently employed. Good luck.
  • Joy
    Joy Member Posts: 4 Listener

    I'm in the same position as Bart, I'm with cerebral palsy and I'm looking for a job in Birmingham right now. I' am from Bulgaria and have CAE certificate in English, Bachelor degree in Social pedagogy. Also, I have good knowledge of Microsoft package system (Word,Excel, Power point,etc), in addition to that I know German at B1 level.

    I 've applied in several places as a receptionist, but I still have no answer from them. I'm a bit desperate in the moment, because I want to study master degree in the UK, bit I'm struggling to find job in order to pay my tuition fees.

    Any help/advice would  be really helpful!

    Thank you in advance! 
  • JenniferU
    JenniferU Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    Hi everyone,

    There's an employment discussion going on from today for the next couple of weeks, with two advisors who specialise in supporting disabled people. 

    Please do get involved if you have any other issues relating to work you'd like to discuss:



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