Autism and Aspergers
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Bottom Wiping

festivalratfestivalrat Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Autism and Aspergers
I am PA to a middle aged Down's Syndrome man, I am finding it very frustrating, he never wipes his bottom properly. Has anyone had the same problem and got any ideas for me ?


  • MargeCollinsMargeCollins Member Posts: 1
    People with downs syndrome have shorter arms which can make it harder form them to wipe their own bottoms. I haven't found a real solution, I am still wiping my sons bottom but I have found something which works quite well for us. I buy Maia soft and absorbent dry wipes. They are dry but I moisten them with warm water and use a bit of handwash or shower gel. You can get them from Health Care Direct Ltd - tel: 0208 2360060. They are cheaper than buying packets of wipes.
  • WillowWillow Member Posts: 18
    If at home, damp cotton wool (if someone else doing it)or a flannel (if doing it himself)
    Maybe consider a bidet?
    Maybe a hand mirror so he can self check
  • WillowWillow Member Posts: 18
    You could use wet wipes, bulk buy or buy basics as an alternative to the moist wipes for bottom wiping so long as they are thrown away not flushed!
  • fairywishesfairywishes Member Posts: 25
    My daughter, 6, doesn't seem to realise the importance of wiping herself correctly. I'm not sure how to encourage this. We talk about personal hygiene and the possibility of being smelly, or red bottoms (both of which she gets). She wears a nappy during the night but if she does put her own pants on in the morning she rarely wipes herself. It's difficult.
  • LucyWLucyW Member Posts: 1
    Would he consider using a Closomat toilet which washes and dries the person's bottom? May be available via his community OT. There is also a product called a BioBidet which can be fitted to an existing toilet, described as a 'luxury heated toilet seat with warm water spray and blow dryer for the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort.' costs around £500 (PDS hygiene). All dependent on whether he could cope with a very different approach to bottom cleaning!
  • trabasackdadtrabasackdad Member Posts: 2
    Another product I have seen is called an easywipe. Its an extension for people with short arms/bad backs/overweight etc. He might find it easier to wipe using one:
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