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Combining work with caring

LozLoz Member Posts: 5 Listener
I work part-time, (25 hours per week) term time only, in education, so that I can be there for my son ,aged 17, who has moderate learning difficulties on the autistic spectrum. This always worked fine when he was in school but now he is in college, the holidays don't always match up. For instance, he has two weeks for half term but I only get one. I don't have any close family to help and all my friends are working. I don't want to leave him at home all day alone but what choices do I have? Does anyone know of any groups which provide day care for this age group during term time? I am in Watford and services here seem to be extremely limited.


  • HeatherHeather Member Posts: 171 Listener
    Hi. I use to live in Watford! Areas differ enormously with services. BUT, could your employers adapt your hours on disability grounds? Some employers are open to negotiate, but know others are less accommodating. Good luck I've got all that to come! Can't wait!?!
  • JimJamsJimJams Member Posts: 175 Listener
    Would you son not be entitled to carers coming in a couple of times a day to look in on him, make lunch etc, maybe social services can help
  • LozLoz Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi, thanks for the ideas. My employment is already adapted as far as it can be as I work term time only at a different college. As I support students with a disabilty who are studying mainstream courses, I can't get extra time off as there would be no easy way to get cover. I often thinkit is ironic that I leave my learning disabled son on his own so that I can support others with a similar disability!
    I will think about what you have said though Marie. We have so far avoided any contact with social services, but now he is almost an adult I have thought that this is something we should be considering. He does cope alright at home with a few phone calls during the day and I manage to get home for a while at lunchtime. He knows not to open the door to anyone and can cope with making drinks and snacks etc. I suppose the main thing is I hate to think of him spending the whole day on the pc or tv but he doesn't seem to mind, so it is probably just the old guilt factor!
  • JimJamsJimJams Member Posts: 175 Listener
    I worry about my son watching too much tv also, but he is learning from tv, it is where he has learned all his speech from , every phrase he uses, we can trace back to a film, but he is speaking and that is the main thing and he uses the phrases appropriately, although he does have different accents depending on where he learned the phrase. Good luck and try and let yourself off with some of the guilt, I am sure you have always done your best, its not easy I know.
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