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car rage

mumof5 Member Posts: 1
My 7 year old son hates travelling by car. We think a step for his feet might help him to feel grounded, as he has one in the house which he really likes. Obviously there are safety issues in a car, but has anyone ever heard of or know where we could get something like this? Any suggestions gratefully recieved!


  • fairywishes
    fairywishes Member Posts: 25
    No idea regarding the step - sorry. I was wondering if you could have a car label and then a treat label or something like a visual timetable, or if you use a visula timetable be specific in regards to the car trips. It might help if he knows he's going in the car and why and when. Also if he can see that after the car he's going to do something he likes might help him. My daughter also finds having somethings in the car that are comforting helpful, we have a special car blanket and they have a drink.
  • BusyOT
    BusyOT Member Posts: 76
    Hi mumof5, What about the steps you get for little kids to reach the sink or the toilet? They are only plastic so I can't think that they would be a risk. Or a pile of catalogues on the floor to get the height that his feet reach, maybe you could wrap them together so they didn't slide about (not his feet, obviously!!).
    We have also used cushions to "pad" people in and the cushiony seat belt covers that sit on the shoulder (available in Halfords and sometimes Tesco). Weighted wheat cushions on laps can also help. The extra "proprioceptive" feedback can really help people settle in the car. Let us know if you find anything that helps!
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    You know best what you think will help i.e. grounding his feet etc, but also try and think about what is triggerring this, is it fear of the car, or the unknown destination maybe, I had this trouble in the car and it was really the unknown destination that upset my son, we use pictures to show the car, then the destination etc and let my son see this before journeys , days out and even in mornings to let him know it is a school day or not, it removed the unpredictability which reduced his fears. Hope this helps
  • Teresa
    Teresa Member Posts: 24
    Busy OT, where can I buy a wieghted wheat cushion?

    Mumof5, I've just bought my daughter a wobble cushion & she loves to rest her (preferably bare) feet on it; it's tactile because bobbly and good for a fidgety person as has movement. May help your son in the car, although you might have to put something under to get the right height. Aside from that, my daughter also went through a phase of protesting whenever we had to stop or even slow down when driving, we tried to make an obvious game out of the colour change of traffic lights, reciting loudly red, amber, green. It's so difficult when you don't know exactly what the fear/reluctance stems from.
  • BusyOT
    BusyOT Member Posts: 76
    Hi Teresa - you can get weighted wheat cushions in most pharmacists I think. I tried to add an amazon link but it's too long for the box - if you have a quick search on Amazon I'm sure you will know what I mean when you see the pictures...
    PS - I've just searched Amazon for wobble cushion - what a fab idea and a great sensory item...
    Netbuddy is starting to cost me money!!!!

  • Teresa
    Teresa Member Posts: 24
    Thanks Busyot. And I know what you mean - I've got loads of ideas of things to buy for my daughter from netbuddy. Poorer, but wiser?
  • shreakster
    shreakster Member Posts: 1
    I had exactly same problem with my daughter. I discovered it was the not knowing where she was going added along with the car sounds when slowing down or when cars passed. I started to do a running commentary from the start of the journey eg"we are going to the shops then home", "we will slow down now red traffic light stop, green for go". it really helped


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