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When you don’t fit in to any group

CarolineChan Member Posts: 1
Hello I am Caroline, mother of Oliver who is a 24yr old who has highish functioning Autism.
In many ways he has progressed amazingly but now he is at a brick wall. Having completed a foundation Art Course at St Martins he now can't seem to continue studying art at his level.
We live in North London and would appreciate any suggestions for further study opportunities or places that cater for someone like him.
Also socially he is finding it hard and lonely.
I am looking for some sort of group where he can make friends similar to himself
He is very angry and depressed and in a rut!


  • harvey2
    harvey2 Member Posts: 1
    Try and keep the art going at home to help prevent falling further into a rut. As for further study I do not know, but could ha maybe assist in some adult art classes if you found a understanding teacher. I am sure there must be several adult learning classes locally and working along side a good teacher could help build confidence and communication/interaction skills further
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Sounds really frustrating. You've done so well to have kept the art going, don't give up. Have you approached any Special Needs Schools? My son's school, unfortunately too far away to help you, they encourage those who are high functioning to join the staff as they relate closer to the children.
    Good luck
  • Chic25
    Chic25 Member Posts: 1
    have you tried relaxing music to help him when he gets angry and frustrated, i myself have a heart condition, di george syndrome, and focal epilepsy, but dont have fits but go into day dreams, and i myself find it hard to make friends that i can trust, and live in north london
  • Emma
    Emma Member Posts: 85 Connected
    One of our Facebook followers has suggested you could try contacting www.outsiders.org.uk. They have a social groups page: www.outsiders.org.uk/club and also helpful information on their other pages, such as how to start conversations, how to conduct respectful relationships and lots more...


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