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eye poking

frenchy Member Posts: 9
I am working with a little boy who is constantly pushing his finger into the corner of his eye. He has made it very sore and we are worried he will actually push it out. Has anyone any ideas on how to stop him please?


  • JJ
    JJ Member Posts: 4
    Hi, my son has a similar interest, but with his nose. He likes to push his finger up his nostril as far as it will go. This results in a sore nostril and frequent nosebleeds. School suggested we stick several plasters on his finger, partly to divert his attention to his finger and partly to make his finger too big for his nostril. Unfortunately he is allergic to plasters so I didn't try it, but you might like giving it a go. I'm wondering if the eye is bothering him or if he's just developed a habit?
  • frenchy
    frenchy Member Posts: 9
    Hi JJ thanks for that unfortunately we would have to make his finger the size of a fist to stop him doing this. I dont think his eye is bothering him as if you stop him doing it to one he will do it to the other. I am awaiting a reply from an ot.
  • Wildeearth
    Wildeearth Member Posts: 5
    Get some sensory tots heat beads vibrating toys keep his hands busy with sensory toys or rubics cube maracas eg our son used flick n poke his ears put some eye drops he may have a pimple on his eyelid.
    There was a lady at the orthopedic surgeon when i was there here daughter had braces on here elbows asked what surgery did she have done she says oh no I had the made so she wouldn't put her hands in her mouth as she was hurting them Isaid yeah Iknow what you mean we got john his ipod still does it but not as much try to get him using light sound interative toys and vibrating action toys it has helped us.
    Nadine Mum of John 8
  • toast
    toast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    yes, sometimes we use arm gaitors on our daughter because she hurts herself biting her fingers. Its usually a last resort. We try to distract her with fiddle toys or encourage her to bite chewlery / chewy tubes
  • Janine
    Janine Member Posts: 11 Listener
    edited June 2014
    I made a simple splint for a child I used to work with who used to eye-poke. Used the cardboard tube from a toilet roll, cut it open and then covered it with lots of layers of soft felt, then attached it to his arm with velcro so he couldn't bend his arm. This worked for us. Janine OT
  • frenchy
    frenchy Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the replies some very useful ideas, i will give them a go


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