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Excercise programme

JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
Hi all I am embarking on a programme with my son to get him out and exercising, he is still overeating and I struggle to stop him , so the next best thing is to increase his excercise, any tips , I am trying walk/jogging tonight. Wish me luck.


  • terriph
    terriph Member Posts: 2
    My son, rather strangely, loves to go to the gym! I would never have thought so. He likes the treadmill, but his favourite is the rowing machine. He likes it that as he pulls, the fan blows cool air on him. THe more he pulls, the more cool air comes out. He thinks it's hysterical. Good luck with it. Not an easy one!
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    Thanks everyone will check these ideas out
  • Teresa
    Teresa Member Posts: 24
    Marie, I can really sympathise with this. It's very hard to give your child enough opportunity for exercise. Mainstream out of school activities are just not accessible. We have a gym ball in our living room that my daughter likes to sit on and bounce on. I've found she really likes her scooter, but unless you are in an a safe enclosed space it's just not doable. We try to go out on family walks at the weekend, that's good for all of us. We have a trampoline in the garden, but that's not very appealing in the winter. I'll be looking at the ideas on facebook too!
  • KarenG
    KarenG Member Posts: 7
    Rebounding is very good exercise and can be done indoors, you can pick up a rebounder fairly cheaply. Follow this link to find out about the benefits of rebounding
    http://www.rebound-uk.com/atHome/The Amazing Health Benefits

    Also the act of bouncing is therapeutic for children with sensory problems follow link for more info

    Another activity to try which is very beneficial for the brain is Cross Crawl exercises, google 'cross crawl' for more info.
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    Very interested in rebounding will look into this and the cross crawl exercises also, thanks for all your suggestions, I have increased the amount of time spent swimming as my son loves this and is pretty good at it. We also go walks at night and it is all helping
  • Bernard
    Bernard Member Posts: 3
    Trampolineing/rebound therapy was the only exercise our son could do that got him out of breath and he thoroughly enjoyed it (as did we and his carers who went on to support him.
    Sessions can be expensive but in some areas they are run free by various organizations working particularly with people with learning disabilities and complex care needs.
    Sensory and soft play environments (often referred to as 'white room' or Snoezelen may be an option. Again it will depend on your area, whether there's one locally. We used to keep the cost down by going as a group and hiring it for the session.
    Our son also liked going for walks - especially in the rain! He liked to feel the rain on his face, so we just wrapped up and did it.


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