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In the car

Hannah&joe Member Posts: 2
Every time we stop in the car for anything ie traffic lights, roundabouts or heavy traffic our son screams and screams. This is something he has done from a very young age he is now 30 months old. We have tried distracting him with toys and sitting his seat on different sides if the car but it makes no difference. Even when going round a safari park and I had him on my lap in the back seat he still screamed. He has 4 limb motor syndrome cerebal palsy. And does see someone from the visual impairment team but they are happy with his vision at the moment. It does make any journey short or long very difficult so we would appreciate any ideas



  • Natasha Brown
    Natasha Brown Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    i would gues sit is a bou communication - does he know where you going and think you stopping too soon?
    my son would freak out if we went the "wrong way" to school etc.
    now his undersanding and communciation is better we dont get this - eg he can ask where we going etc
    what is his communication like (understanding/expressive)
    does he get a schedule/story board of where you are heading so he can understand the stop is not for getting out?

    is it about change in movement? he likes the movement hates it to stop?
    scared of something?

  • Hannah&joe
    Hannah&joe Member Posts: 2
    I think it's about the movement as he does the same type of thing when he's in his buggy. His communication skills aren't great. We do know what he wants and doesn't want. But I dont think he'd understand if I told him our route and what was going to happen. I do always tell him where we are going ie nannies, group or shopping.
  • Natasha Brown
    Natasha Brown Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    hmmm needs behavioural approach...

    sensitise him to movment starting and stopping on a da y you dont need to go anywhere.

    address the movement starting and stoppping.

    eg in park can he go on a swing do they have SN equipment?
    start movment then stop fo a second. before he screams, move again. grdually increase time you stop for.

    or go for a start and stop walk in buggy.
    walk then stop. before he screams move. then stop again. ncrease the stopped time gradually.

    does he understand "no screaming"?
    what else does he scream for?

    and work on communication what about a big mack button he can press to say "i want to stop!" so you can acknowledge him ?
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Oh Hannah...huge symapthy! We had years of screaming and even resorted to asking doctors for help medicatin our son before long journeys as hours of screaming does tend to drive you insane!!!!! or to murder!!!! But age and detective work helps! We know appreciate how stressful all the input is to our son, the smell of the car, the noises, being restrained etc etc etc We gradually worked around using his comfort items, blankets around him, ear defenders, blind on never stopped over night. But gradually our son learnt to sit peacefully and just tinker with his toys and snacks constantly...very demanding to entertain and impossible if alone. But having been there, I'm sure you would appreciate just one stress free journey. I'm sure they pick up on your anxiety as I use to dread going out in the car knowing my ears would be bursting within 5 minutes. So try not to show your distress and as natashailg suggests, go on small trips when you have time on your side and are in control. Good does get better!!!!


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