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Hi has anyone got any suggestions for a 4 year old girl with CP (size of a 2 year old) who gets around by crawling? This means she gets through a lot of trousers.

Knee pads for babies are too small and from dancing schools are too big. Anyone found anything that works?


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    what about legwarmers? Oik em up so that they are round her knees when she's on the move?
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    i have jsut bought somwnew kne [protectors for my daughte while skating it hink these would work - they adjust - look up skate protection kits for children like "Skate Protection Pack" on sports direct website or look for "Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards - Childs Triple Set - Pink " £11.75 on amazon

    or on argos


    Knee, Elbow and Wrist Pads - Pink.

    The Pink Knee, Elbow and Wrist Pad set gives great protection against bumps, bruises and grazes. It's protective padding for when your kids are playing out on their skates, bikes, skateboards and scooters. Wearing Safety pads will give the kids more confidence when playing.
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    How about goalkeeper trousers! They do them in all different sizes for children. Padded in all the right places.
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    And there's this great tip from our 'Sitting, Crawling and Walking' section:
    Ella crawls to most places, so we use old shoulder pads or even the inserts of an old bra can as knee pads. Just attach some elastic to hold them in place. You can also get knee pads from toy shops for roller skates.