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Repulsed by dribble

toasttoast Member Posts: 46 Listener
I stay with my daughter at Brownies due to her v complex needs (I know - this is one for DP - trying!!)

Anyway, I'm finding it tough going. As much as I don't mind answering questions from curious kids, there is a point at which I've had enough. And being around young girls going 'ugh, she's slobbering everywhere.. that's disgusting' 'eeeeeuuuuwww look at the spit on her hands'. I did explain to the children I found this hurtful and rude and also spoke with Brown Owl about it and she's going to have a talk with the girls about it next week. Is there anything else I can do?

It really has hit me how other kids not used to it appear to have an issue with dribbling :( Has anyone else had this?


  • toasttoast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    forgot to say I did explain that she had no control of her saliva and it was just part of her disabilities
  • itslucyritslucyr Member Posts: 3
    I used to support a girl with complex needs at Brownies, she also had issues with dribbling. You could try asking Brown Owl to talk to her sixer and seconder, as it's their responsibility to make sure everyone is welcome and included in their six. Maybe you could also talk to her about doing a disability awareness day, where the girls find out about different disabilities? We had one where a local lady came in with her Guide Dog, amongst other things. It may not seem a direct way of addressing the situation, but we found addressing attitudes to disability in general more helpful than telling the girls off for a specific response.

    Do the Brownie pack have a scarf as part of their uniform? Maybe you could adapt one as a bib so it still looks like part of her uniform?
  • toasttoast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    thanks for reply. Oh its a shame really that the brownie uniform isn't like the one I used to wear - I could've fleece layered and plastic backed that crossy neck piece thingy! Must admit I took off her bib last week as the week before I had some comments about 'babies wear bibs' and thought it made her stand out even more. Thought we might be able to wing an hr and half without ;) Could deffo sort out a brown neckerchief bib. It certainly makes it easier and more discreet for me to wipe her mouth that way too

    Good suggestion about making it a more general talk as well. Won't be so obviously cos of us then
  • itslucyritslucyr Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2014
    Hope it helps. There's even a badge you could link with the evening -
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