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Kicking the duvet off

BlodBlod Member Posts: 4
Can anybody help?
Our 4 year old has always slept in grobags but about 4 months ago she wanted to be like her sister and have 'big girls blanket' (duvet). We gave her a normal sized duvet in her cotbed and she did ok.
In the summer we put her in a normal single bed (which again she wanted) with a half side on it. She slept fine, kicked the duvet off a bit but as it was the summer and a bit warmer she woke a little earlier but slept through.
She started school a few weeks ago and is going off to sleep fine but waking in the night and or very early in the morning. She always feels very cold. If you cover her up she eventually settles down and goes back to sleep.
We've tried putting her back in her 3-6 years grobag and the first night she slept through but when she got up she fell over trying to get to the door.
The next few nights she has got more and more distressed about putting the grobag on until last night she was beside herself and we decided to let her go back to the duvet.
We put the duvet across the bed to try and widen the amount of duvet over her.
Last night back to the duvet and another disturbed night!
She's generally a hot child and suffers with eczema so I think she gets too hot, kicks the duvet off then eventually gets too cold. The duvet never slides off the bed as she has the side thing on.She always has the duvet on when I go to bed.

Any ideas?
Thanks :-)


  • HeatherHeather Member Posts: 171 Listener
    edited June 2014
    Oh she sounds a fidget! I can't think of anything exactly the answer, but wonder if a weighted blanket might help? Would you be able to borrow one and see if the weight restricted her movements more? Hope someone has the answer for you.
    Good luck
  • toasttoast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    we moved from gro bags to them fleecy onesie type suits. There's loads in the shops at the mo. I got some great ones t'other day from Asda. My daughter will kick off all her covers and get cold and wake without - sleeps much better wearing one
  • JimJamsJimJams Member Posts: 175 Listener
    I got a weighted blanket for my son and he loves it, it can be quite warm , so I always leave the window open, you could also try really tightly tucking her in with a large blanket to give her the pressure feeling that way , this also works well.
  • sallyaasallyaa Member Posts: 5
    I agree about the weighted blanket and fleecy onsies being worth a try. My son's also very wriggly in bed, and when he was first moving from grobags to duvet's we used to use elastic on clips that we stretched under the bed and clipped to either side of the duvet to try and hold it in place. It wasn't ideal for us (he didn't like the tight feeling and weighted blankets didn't work either) but may be worth a try. My son now has two duvets, and rarely kicks them both off! Good luck with it.
  • BlodBlod Member Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone. We have tried the tucking the duvet in tightly and putting socks on her. So far we have only had a couple of bad nights....and they are becoming less often :-)
    ( going to school full time has helped too I think !)
  • Sarawith4Sarawith4 Member Posts: 2
    We had to move into the fleecy all in ones as our daughter was constantly kicking bed clothes off.
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