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Advise greatfully received re coping with 4 yo wheelchair user and newborn

stephie86 Member Posts: 3
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer some practical advise as to how to manage the logistics of having a disabled child and new born baby...
I have a 4 year old with cp who uses a wheelchair when out and about. I am expecting my second child (due in June) and am starting to wonder/worry about the logistics of getting about with both children in tow! We have looked down the route of special needs double buggies but feel that our son should not regress back to using a buggy as he is doing so well in his manual chair. I would be very greatful if anyone who has been in a similar situation could offer any advise or share experiences for us to concider. Many thanks in advance.


  • jojo
    jojo Member Posts: 1
    Have you looked at the buggy pod, I think they are from 6 months but my friend used one with some sort of insert.
  • mjanet
    mjanet Member Posts: 1
    I used a baby sling but I mainly drove as I had my son with CP in a wheelchair and another child who was only 1 when the new baby was born.I had to plan my day as it was impossible to push the double buggy and the wheelchair .
  • stephie86
    stephie86 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks jojo for your suggestion - I haven't heard of the buggy pod so will look into that!
  • Cmary
    Cmary Member Posts: 1
    I think it might depend upon the make and model of wheelchair which your son is using and there may be an age limit for the baby - one I have heard of is the Buggypod from Revelo UK, which can be used with some wheelchairs (look at the back of their online brochure).
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    I would ask for help anytime you are going out from friends or family or a befriending service, try and make your trips out as stress free as possible, lack of sleep combined with stress can prove too much sometimes, ask for as much help as you can, dont be afraid to ask, remember to look after yourself as well as you children
  • toast
    toast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    sure it will be easier than you think - especially if your 4 yo is at nursery / school. I found the newborn - 6 months bit absolutely fine in the practical 'arrghh how can I push a wheelchair and a pram?' by having the baby in a sling. After that I did try and use the sling/carrier but did find it not so comfortable. In actuality, I found I didn't need to go out with them by myself for as much as I thought.
    If you are in the UK - Homestart are a very helpful charity. I had a lovely lady come round to help me once a week. You'll be given priority as mother of newborn and disabled under 5. You could also try contacting SS re respite options. Also various SN organisations that could help - varies from area so social worker would be able to help you with that. Appreciate if yr not already 'in the loop' that's a frustrating one to get going.

    You'll also be surprised how quickly no2 learns to walk along with you on reins or stand on buggy board (have seen these on wheelchairs. Obv not the best option if yr child is self propelling!) My 2 yo has barely seen his pushchair. Born out of necessity but becomes habit


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