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where's my independence?

LuckySalem Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Disability rights and campaigning
Desperately trying to keep my independence.

So far I can barely walk, am unable to shower alone, incontinent, forget to eat, take meds etc.

Please any aids or suggestions to stop me needing my husband so much.


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Sorry to here that things are really tough for you at the moment.

    Maybe consider contacting social services about possibly employing a personal assistant, they can help with just about anything that helps you regain some of your independence.

    Also on the walking front, have you spoken to your doctor?

    Maybe some form of orthotic would help, or some walking sticks, or some sort of mobility scooter or wheel chair for when times are really hard.

    Also might be worth asking for a occupational therapist to come and see you to discuss what extra help you need to live as safely an independently as possible.

    Its great that you have a husband that is able to help, but it is probably important for your relationship that he is a husband and not your only carer, if that make sense.

    Let us know how you get on

  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    An occupational therapist is much more qualified to comment than I....but a couple of suggestions, using a simple alarm on your phone to help to remember to take meds can help.

    Also you get med holders with the days of the week on, that can help, not sure what they are called, but will look them up.
  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    edited July 2014
    Click on the link below to see the type of meds box with days of the week that you might find helpful. I'm sure you can buy many different types, from different places.

  • andrewday
    andrewday Member Posts: 4
    Ask your OT for a personal budjet and hire your own staff to look after you

    My iphone has all my reminders and alarms set for different things because i forget - I have a weak memory or is it just a bloke thing.

    Get some friends online to keep you occupied.

    thats all I can think of fr now
  • AmyS
    AmyS Member Posts: 5 Listener
    As andrewday says ask for your OT (occupational therapist) to assist you. I've recently had a fully refurbished shower/wet room done, furniture, rails, stool etc all part of my local council. It has been so uplifting, okay I still struggle with meals, medication etc but the boost in having these small aids (free of charge) and adaptations have improved my life dramatically.
  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    AmyS it is great to hear how these aid and adaptions have improved your life dramatically. So pleased for you. I know many of us feel the same way, and its often not until after you have something installed, or start using an aid or doing something in a different way, that you then you then wonder, how an earth you survived without.


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