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Your experiences as a disabled person with gyms and the challenge of staying fit and active

Rizzy Community member Posts: 1 Listener
I was hoping to get an idea from disabled people what their experiences with gyms have been in the UK. Does anyone here use them and how do they rate the service? There is a big push for inclusive gyms but I'm not sure what that means on the ground and whether they are actually adapted to disabled people as well as they should be.

If there was a gym specially setup for disabled people in mind with adaptations in place as well as bespoke services around health, nutrition and personal training would you sign up?

I personally see huge issues around fitness and health of disabled people which means they are often left even more vulnerable and as a result of deteriorating health they end up even more isolated. I am just trying to conduct some early stage research on this and would be grateful for any thoughts people might have on this issue.



  • ChelleM
    ChelleM Community member Posts: 44 Courageous
    Hi Rizzy, I've got mild CP and have been going the gym regularly for over 2 years now. I've lost 4 stone all together :) although I've found a few things that I would change about my gym e.g some of the equipments accessibility. I really feel that going the gym is the best thing I've ever done! If you wanna discuss it in more detail I'd be happy to talk :) please check out my blog post about my weight loss journey with CP thanks x
  • Noah
    Noah Community member Posts: 425 Pioneering
    Yes I would defiantly be interested in a Gym that was setup with disabled people in mind. Yesterday I met up with a friend from School days who also has a disability, he is has done incredible well, with huge amounts of determination he works at a leisure centre and is a personal trainer. He would be worth talking to about your ideas. Personally I have found focusing on swimming and cycling. Finding accessible activities that you are able to do is often the challenge. The benefits of regular exercise even when you have certain limits are huge. Everyone should have the opportunity to try and stay fit, no mater what their disability. Discovering an activity that you can do to stay fit, can transform your life.
    TANYAFIELDING Community member Posts: 18 Listener
    After the paraolympics I felt more inspired to get fit and hope that people would view us differently. I have used swimming as a good exercise and was also able to involve my kids. I don't think you need specialist gyms just advice on whet equipment to use and how. Perhaps Scope could give advice or training to personal trainers. Now all I need is the time and energy.
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