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Piano lessons with CP?

MrsAmyD Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited November 2014 in Cerebral palsy
I'm 27 years old with spastic diplegia. I've always been really musical and wanted to learn so many instruments, I've tried guitar, bass, piano and struggled because my right side just has a mind of its own. I really want to learn piano so I can start playing along to songs I sing [I can sing but not much fun without an instrument to accompany it!]. Does anyone know where to start with playing piano? I'm finding it pretty difficult finding a tutor that can adapt to my conditions coordination limits and I've tried several times to learn how to read music but because I also have hydrocephalus on top of the CP, my limits are pushed with anything mathematical based and I just find it way too difficult to learn.
Any ideas? Thanks


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Hi MrsAmyD,

    Thanks for you post, it is a really good question, and I'm not sure of the answer, apart from, keep trying to find a good piano teacher that is understanding. If you want to do something badly enough you will find a way of doing it. Being able to sing is a very special gift on its own, so don't forget to focus on your strengths. Maybe there is a person somewhere that can play the piano but can not sing? And they would be glad of someone that can sing to join up with them. Maybe contacting a school or college is an idea, they might know where there are some piano teachers or students wanting to earn some extra pennies. Youtube can also be a good place find videos on how to do things. Also, did you know that not all talented musicians can read music.

    Let us know how you get on :-)
  • ScopeHelpline
    ScopeHelpline Member Posts: 207 Courageous

    You could try taking advice from this organisation:

    Best Wishes

    Scope Helpline Information Officer

  • MrsAmyD
    MrsAmyD Member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited July 2016
    Thanks guys! @Noah - There are a lot of extremely talented musicians that are ear trained which is awesome to look for, it's just a difficulty when it comes to lessons because a lot of tutors teach sight more than ear. But I'm sure I'll get to grips with ear training myself eventually, it's more so my coordination that's problematic.
    @scopehelpline oh wow, thank you! I'll look into this!


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