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My book: Stairs For Breakfast

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This is a piece Paul Ribbons wrote about me and my book:
For just one moment I would like you to think about writing an email; how long would it take you?
Now I’m talking about an email that you know you want to write and have a clear idea of what you want to say.
But think about the procedure for just one second...
What do you do first?
Take a seat at your desk, switch on the computer, open the program, click on compose email and then type in all the relevant details. How long do you think it would take?
Now I want you to consider writing a book; where would you start, how would you do it and just imagine the effort it would take!
Well if you did stop to consider just how easy it is to write an email, think about my old pal Patrick Souiljaert.
He has cerebral palsy and can barely walk.
Now I’m not here to highlight Patrick's disability but I do need you to consider for a minute what it must be like for a guy who can barely do anything without considerable effort.
Patrick is a very proud man and doesn’t like help (lord help anyone who treats him like a cripple) but think about this for a short while…
Just imagine Patrick moving from say his kitchen to the room where the computer sits, getting through the doorway and then going to sit at his desk, the effort that takes and then what about putting his crutches down and that’s before he’s even switched on the computer.
He then has to settle himself down because he’s out of breath and needs to get comfortable; all of these things we able-bodied people take for granted.
He then has to open the program, click on the compose email button and then type using limited fingers.
But hold on a minute, this is the same guy who has just written a bloody book!
Yes, you did hear right A BOOK!!! And a mega one at that.
He spent 15 months writing daily to get this done and I’m privileged to have shared part of Patrick’s journey writing this book. I know what an emotional drain this was on him, speaking of the abuse, the judgments and the unacceptable prejudices from others who see him differently.
Patrick is now trying to self-publish his book and needs our help. He has a target of 250 pre-orders but I want to help him smash his target.
So I have just ordered 50 books to help him on his way and all I ask is that you buy just one and share this with someone who will take inspiration from a man who won’t give up because as I mentioned to Patrick some time ago “you can never fail if you never give up”.
Here’s the link
Well done Patrick, I’m humbled to know you.
Paul Ribbons

Patrick Souiljaert (Sue-Lee-Art)

Author of the books Stairs For Breakfast & Screw it, I’ll take the elevator. To find out more go to:


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