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Holiday Ideas

templep Member Posts: 2
As every parent is probably doing at some point I am looking for ideas for a holiday to take with my husband and children. Before this year it was a very easy thing to plan but since my husbands stroke last year its a whole new experience that I never expected! Oh yeah, and I also need to mention I have 2 children on the ASD spectrum on top.

Well.. I went along to a few places as I now obviously need to cater for my kids and my husbands needs which now include hoists, profile beds and support because forgive me a little for this I NEED A BREAK! I just wanted a few days where I didnt have to care and just BE with my family.

I wondered if anyone else had found themselves in this position. My local group had a talk about this and a few people had ventured out and stayed at a few places so I thought I would check in on my own and "wing it" so to speak to see how things were. (money is a bit tight now to risk a holiday without knowing we could all cope). So I packed a bag and went on my way. I wanted a hotel because as I say my 4 walls and cleaning, caring and parenting and general all round skivvyness have done me just about in. A lot of places I found were so clinical that I just wouldnt want to expose my kids to that...

So as I sat dreaming of the day I will have the confidence in my own ability to cope jetting off to sunnier climes I seen an advert for Blackpool, break by the seaside and thought sorted that will do. My friend offered to babysit and my husband and I jumped in the car loaded up with the essentials (which now seems like half the house rather than an overnight bag). Checked into a hotel on the seafront which had a "disabled room" and thats where our problems started.... Might be worth making a cup of tea for this one it is a bit lengthy....

I went in to check in before getting my husband out of the car and was told i would have to bring him round the back!?!?!?! So dubious I asked to see where before we came in and it was up a back lane, things need to change from our usual so for a couple of days I thought ok needs must. Then I went to the room, complete with a plastic deck chair to use in the shower which was over a 3 inch lip, not looking good - the bedroom was spacious but the hoist they promised us which they booked from a local shop was tiny my husband is 6 foot tall it was useless.

In utter shock I voiced my frustration at the poor receptionist who to be fair was out of her depth of how to help BUT and this is a great but she did make a phone call for me to another hotel that might of been able to help and for this reason I am not naming the hotel with rubbish facilities but rather wanted to shout out loud about the second hotel....

I'm new to here as a poster but I have been reading with interest and thought that my positive experience is definately something to share. She called the Bond Hotel which is a hotel that opened my eyes to what everywhere I have ever stayed should be looking at. I drove down and with very dubious eyes check in, front door this time and all level!!! Get in no ramps to push up and no back alley!! Looked at the room Full Wet Floor Shower AND Ceiling Tracking AND a Profiling Bed at no extra cost, my evil trip was looking up. They have entertainment every night and superb food even providing a blended diet for my husband (which meant I left my blender in the car). When I got talking to the staff they also had a care agency at the hotel and from day 2 they stepped in to support my husband and I actually claimed back a role as a wife and ditched everything else its was bliss!

On my way out I asked about priced for summer holidays and it got better, during school holidays instead of upping the price they let kids stay free. Im all booked back for a sneaky weekend away and my family holiday.

Anyhoo does anyone else have a first holiday adventure they wanted to share? I'm sure I will have many more "adventures" along the way but at least now I know what I can expect my confidence going away from home is much better now.



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