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CP and aging - how can I support my mum?

lydia Member Posts: 1
My mum's now 68-years-old and seems to be detoriating fast. Perhaps it is because I am currently living at home so I am with her a lot more but she is suffering increased pain in her arm and shoulder from degenerative arthiritis but more than that she is so drowsy now - even in the middle of the day she sleeps in her chair as if she were in a care home. When she talks she even sounds drowsy. I've never seen her like this before and am not sure what to do. She has not changed medication recently, diet, she is not unwell (apart from a cough that she's just had the past week). I don't know what to do.


  • Rocky
    Rocky Member Posts: 76 Listener

    Hi Lydia, Often people with cerebral palsy do experience signs of ageing and burn-out earlier than someone without a disability.  There is a good information sheet on the Scope website about Ageing and Disability which you may find helpful.

    If you find this information useful and you think it fits your Mum's symptoms, it may be an idea to take the information to your Mum's GP and discuss with him/her.  Increased tiredness and joint pain can be common in ageing generally but if you feel your Mum's is deteriorating quickly and the changes are not as a result of general ageing then I would recommend you make an appointment to discuss your concerns with her GP.  Take your Mum with you so the doctor can examine her and arrange for blood tests etc.  For example anaemia can cause tiredness as can thyroid dysfunction.  I am not medically qualified so am not saying those suggestions or even her cerebral palsy are the reason but do check with her doctor.


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