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The Leicestershire Wheelchair Challenge

Jimbo2Jimbo2 Member Posts: 4 Connected
edited February 2015 in News and opportunities
Hi folks. My name is Jim Boughey and I intend to set up a Wheelchair Challenge to raise money for Scope and I would appreciate your help. 

The challenge will be split into four parts:
Part one is aimed at giving the able bodied - for want of a better word - some idea of the problems faced by wheelchair users and people with a disability. In this task the able bodied and a friend/helper will be asked to undertake common tasks for half a day, whilst being confined to a wheelchair. Tasks may include gaining access to their property from a wheelchair, (I can't open my front door from my chair), crossing a busy road, gaining access to and getting around shops, negotiating steps, using a cash machine, preparing a simple meal and just getting around their home. In fact any common task that is easy for the able bodied to accomplish but difficult for a wheelchair user. If you are infuriated by some task that is easy for others to accomplish by unable to be undertaken from your wheelchair let me know and I may incorporate it into the Challenge. 

Part two of the Challenge is to help people save thousands of pounds a year by reducing the cost of their mortgage or rent, reduce their household shopping bills by up to 50%, reduce their energy bills by a quarter and reduce the cost of their vehicle insurance by one third. Only the other year I saved £4129 a year by reducing my household expenditure and that saving is for life. It is not a 'one off'. I will take those participating in the Challenge through a short free presentation to show them how to save thousand of pounds a year, every year for life, because one of the greatest challenges facing all of us is that the cost of living is outpacing any increases in our income. This problem is particularly acute in people with disabilities, existing on state benefits. Fortunately it is simple to reduce your expenditure and save thousands of pounds a year. I know, I have saved thousands of pounds a year and I can help other do the same.

Part three will be fun sports events and activities such as a wheelchair walking race, egg and spoon, obstacle course, wheelchair football and or basket ball. If anyone knows of any fun competitive, even non competitive games or sports activities that the able bodied and disabled can participate in from a wheelchair please let me know. I am looking for safe competitive activities that are fun.  

The last event will be a fun wheelchair walk around Rutland Water. A short circuit for the less ambitious and a larger circuit for those of a more adventurous nature. I once ran around Rutland Water for charity. Those days have gone but it was fun and challenging. 

I am looking to raise awareness of the problems experienced by disabled people by tasking the able bodied to experience life in a wheelchair. Helping participating groups to save money. Having a fun day for all taking part in enjoyable sports and leisure activities and giving participating individuals a personal challenge. In fact I shall be asking all participants to consider life changing personal challenges and hopefully raise money for good causes like Scope. Everybody wins. 

If you have organised an event or challenge and can offer help and advice please get in touch via the Noticeboard. If you can suggest activities to include in the Challenge I will be grateful.

Many thanks
Jim Boughey     


  • ScopeHelplineScopeHelpline Member Posts: 209 Courageous

    Hi Jim,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your

    I work on Scopes helpline and have spoken to
    our events and fundraising team about the wheelchair challenge you are planning. They would
    really like to help in any way they can, you can contact them by emailing [email protected]
    or by calling 0207 6197310.


    Best Wishes,

    Scope Helpline

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