Equality of people suffering from disabilities!

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My name is Charlotte and I am studying cinema and photography in the University of Leeds.

You may have seen the Pro Infirmis Charity mannequin video go viral recently. This was a message to the fashion world that everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like. And to people reading magazines etc. to see these people as natural and normal rather than 'different'. I will be following the same lines as this video but in the form of a photography project. I am in search of 9-12 people who suffer from any sort of disabilities and would like to get involved in this project in showing others it is OKAY. I would like to meet and get to know each person's story and a bit about their lives and how they would like to be photographed and perceived within society rather than being looked at as unusual, different, weird etc. when you are nothing but normal!

To get involved email: Char_Ellison@hotmail.co.uk