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Living with hearing partners who deal with things on your behalf

EMMAJC1981 Member Posts: 1

Hi I am profoundly deaf, my first language is BSL (british sign language).  I live with my hearing partner who has a level 2 in BSL. We both work full time and dont get tax credits. I receive middle rate DLA.

 He always helps me with taking and making calls on my behalf, he acts as my communication support worker when I attend my doctor and dentist's appointments or bank for advice. Obviously he doesn't mind helping me cos we are in a relationship and he is doing it out of love but there is people receiving carer's allowance to look after their relatives/family memebers but what about hearing partners living with disabled/deaf people?? shouldn't they receive a kind of benefit or allowance like carer's allowance for their time and support??

Thanks :-)


  • janine123
    janine123 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Emma

    DLA is awarded to help with the additional costs of living with a disability and unfortunately there are no other benefits that your partner may claim other than Carer's Allowance. As he is working full time his earnings will almost certainly exceed the permitted earnings allowance of £102.00 per week.  
    Sorry not to be able to give more positive news.
    Best wishes



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