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Hi, my name is Semajeel!m

Semajeel Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Education
Hi, I am unsure whether placing a post on this site is the right thing to do.
I have come to this website in the hope of finding people who are disabled, but still able to use computers in an accomplished way. Perhaps somebody where mobility is difficult, but where it doesn't stop them from using a computer on a daily basis, say playing difficult games or using computers for other advanced stuff like coding, photoshop, website design & creation or similar. I am in the process of developing a business concept and would prefer to develop it with skilled descent, loyal people with good positive personalities. The type of people who would appreciate the chance to join in at the start of this fascinating journey. Apologies in advance if this post offends anyone or if it is deemed to be inappropriate for this forum.


  • FadingAway90
    FadingAway90 Member Posts: 1
    I am a computer programmer, I can also use Photoshop and other creation software. I suck at pc games without a controller and type a little slower than most in my profession. I graduated university with honours as did a colleague who was bound to a wheelchair. In my opinion IT is one of the better professions for someone with a disability because of the amount of accessibility software available. Hope this helps.


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