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Medication for ADHD

Mami Member Posts: 12 Connected
My son has just been diagnosed with moderately severe ADHD.  He also has high-functioning autism.  He is nearly 7.  My consultant has recommended Ritalin and I would really appreciate advice from any parent who has given it to their child.  I understand that it can cause wakefulness, lack of appetite and can also slow growth.  If the balance of opinion is that these are mild or rare, and that it improves impulse control and concentration, then I may medicate him.  But I have also been told that it can make rigidity and controlling behaviour worse in a child with autism.  Is there any other medication which is better?  I have also heard of Concerto.  Any comments or advice gratefully received.  


  • ilovemyjas
    ilovemyjas Member Posts: 2
    Stick with the meds
  • kelly2016
    kelly2016 Member Posts: 30 Listener
    Hi my child also has moderate servere ADHD and I am to deciding if I should medicate or not. So I know how you feel.  Hopefully someone can give some good advice  
  • LuluT
    LuluT Member Posts: 1
    My daughter takes methylphenidate (equasym) which is in the same family as Ritalin. It makes school possible to be honest ... but ... it makes her tense; we are struggling to maintain her weight as she is very slim; sleep is OK but she can wake very early; when she 'comes down' at tea time she can be very challenging. We don't give her medication at the weekend or over the vacations to give her a break from it and to get our girl back.


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