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cillian2012 Member Posts: 3
hi everyone my little boy whos 3 in sept has had his ados assessment , both specialist who assessed him told me he had austism , but needed him to see an educational psycholgist first before it was diaginosed , what does this person do and can this person say diffrent to the ados specialists ? thanks


  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 118 Courageous
    Hello, do you know the job title of the people who assessed your son? Were they psychologists? Diagnosis usually comes from clinical rather than educational psychologists. It may be that they want various members of the team to assess your son before confirming diagnosis. An educational psychology assessment will be important for planning for your son's future educational provision. I'm wondering if there has been some confusion regarding the professional your son needs to see or purpose the purpose of the assessment? Hannah (educational psychologist)
  • cillian2012
    cillian2012 Member Posts: 3
    hi thank you for your reply , it was the associate specialist who assessed him , he has had 2 assessments , the first one was with 1 associate specialist the second one was with 2 the are paediatrics , she said she was an austic dr , we had to leave room and when we came back they both said he had asd, im abit confused on what happens next ?
  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 118 Courageous
    I suggest you phone the team and ask them to clarify:
    - each of their job title
    - their role in the team
    - what needs to happen next and why?
    If you're still confused after this come back to me.
  • cillian2012
    cillian2012 Member Posts: 3
    ok thank you for ur reply
  • Tigger15
    Tigger15 Member Posts: 2
    My son has aspergers and nearly 16. Cam we get any help either money or any assistance. I don't know what to do regarding him getting a job?
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi Tigger15,

    I would be happy to talk through this with you to see if you're getting the right financial support or if there is any other help available. Feel free to contact me at the helpline. [email protected] or call 0808 800 3333.


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