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Blue Badge Parking

Robs Community member Posts: 49 Courageous
Good morning everyone

Well the holiday season is around the corner. However, l would like you all to be aware of the changes to your rights regarding Blue Badge usage, since the DVLA ceased the pratice of issuing tax discs.

There seems to be much discrepancies across the country, with regard to your right to use your blue badge in disabled parking areas.

Some councils like Hampshire, Warwickshire and others say, if you display a blue badge there is not a problem. On the other hand counties such as Cornwall take a very different view on the law. Cornwall requestes, that if you want to use your blue badge without a tax disc, you must register with them and supply a V5c and a letter from DWP showing that you are entitled to receive the higher rate components of DLA or PIP.

Letter received 28 May 2015 from Cornwall County Council.

Changes to Blue Badge parking from 1 October 2014

Thank you for your recent communication regarding the removal of tax disks by the DVLA.  Earlier this year the Government announced changes to the vehicle taxation system which means there will no longer be a legal requirement for any vehicle to display a tax disc.  Although the new legislation comes into force on 1 October, the Government has only recently advised that local authorities must make their own arrangements.

Nil rate tax disc holders are requested to continue to display their tax disc until it expires.

Up to two weeks before expiry, they should contact the Council’s Parking Service to give details of the vehicle’s make and model and its registration number.


Write: Parking Services, PO Box 664, TR1 9DH

The Parking Service will verify the details and add the information into its system as a vehicle exempt from enforcement in Cornwall Council car parks due to its Nil and Disabled status, provided a valid blue badge is displayed.

This information will then be available to the Enforcement Officers on site as they patrol and they will be able to identify the exempt vehicles.

Note: If a vehicle is not displaying a tax disc or has not been applied for exemptions as above, then the Enforcement Officers will not be aware of its status and will issue Penalty Charge Notices.

If you think this system is unfair, please let me know, as l am in contact with the Commission for Human Rights.Gov regards this matter.

This stance taken by Cornwall and other Councils, in effect renders our blue badge useless.

Take care



  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Community member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Is this for real?! I'm not for one minute suggesting you made it up Robs, but am in a huge panic as we go all over the country and have visions of having to email every council we may go to, or stop for the toilet in - will def avoid a holiday to Cornwall!!!
  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Community member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Stopped crying, decided to laugh, let's ALL register our vehicles with Cornwall and break their system :D
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