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Hi, my name is GerryMac75!

I have Mild Cerebral Palsy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Heart Condition, Severe Chronic Pain Head to Toe, Severe IBS, Bladder problems, Bad and Very Painful Migrane's that can only be described as bone crunchers and Asthma.

I got diagnosed with CP when I was 25. I have the shakes and the tremors my mum took me to my childhood GP who said that there was nothing that felt wrong on my right side and didn't feel there was any reason to have any tests done.So my mum start to try and give me a challenge. When I was little my right foot was turned inward and she would turn my foot the right way, told me to kick out both feet when I walk now Im splah footed.She told me that my right arm and hand were not passengers,then gave me a can of beans and taught me to put the full unopened tin in my right hand like it was a weight and had me lift the tin from my waist to my chin 20 times everyday.Mum encouraged me to be educated woman that travelled the world & lived in several countries.


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