Cerebral Palsy
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Escalator Boarding Problem

StayceStayce Member Posts: 380 Pioneering
I have right sided hemiplegia and have had a nasty fall recently and am now having trouble boarding an escalator that is going downwards. I have always not found this easy, but managed out of shear determination, but now I am avoiding them them altogether through fear I guess. Even got to the top and panic set in - so took the stairs! (and there were a lot of stairs) Has anyone else experienced this problem? Looking for some inspiration to overcome this ...


  • nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    I have a real problem with escalators in particular ones that are going down....
    I have diplegia and one side is more affected than the other and my arms are slightly affected. I avoid using escalators wherever possible, and will struggle up stairs rather than use one.... If I really have to, I can go up on an escalator providing I've got someone stood literally directly behind me, but going down is totally out of the question, because I feel like I'm going to fall down (I never have by the way) It's not a fear of heights thing - I've abseiled down one of the tallest buildings in the uk no problem! My escalator problem is that bad, I avoid using the Underground in London because of them....
  • StayceStayce Member Posts: 380 Pioneering
    edited November 2015
    Hi niceboots
    Thanks for your post here. It is so good to hear that I am not alone with this problem. I too do not think it is a fear of heights either. I suspect it is a sensory/coordination problem for me. Because we have to board a downward escalator on the right (so as to conform with society's rules :)) With right Hemi this is my weakest side that has limited sensory input to moving steps and rail. It certainly also doesn't help these days that everyone boarding these things has headphones on and are looking down at a phone :) I will have to keep persevering as I don't drive so have to use the underground alone a lot for work, outings and hospital appointments.

    Any tips welcome.

    Best wishes
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