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Hi, my name is Noel_hastings21!

I have worked in Disability Employment services for over 10 years - specialising in Autism but with some knowledge of CP, Mental Health issues and other exclusionary conditions. I hope my experience can be helpful for community members and people with disabilities generally.


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    Brilliant to have you as part of the Scope community. Your work is of great interest to me. Look forward to chatting some more.

  • Verschoyle
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    My 4 year old son who is in reception at school suffered with chronic ear infections as a baby/toddler. I was refered by my GP to an audiologist for hearing tests. My son showed positive for glue ear and over a year he failed most hearing tests and I was advised that grommets were an option. However on his follow up appointment a year on his hearing tests came back fine however I was still very concerned about a few things which I will list below..

    My son (Ralphie) struggles to hear in a loud environment and gets frustrated. He is comfortable at home and in quiet surroundings. Struggles to hear if more than one person is speaking. Very easily distracted. He finds it difficult to follow instructions and results in him giving up.
    He can't dress himself. His understanding isn't great and needs extra explanation.
    After speaking with his teacher she says it's early days however he is struggling to make relationships and he is struggling accademicly.

    All of the above we have learnt to deal with together and have just changed our lifestyles to suit and make Ralphie feel comfortable where ever possible.

    He is still under the audiology department, the doctor audiologist sent a letter to the school explaining he needs as much help one on one as possible however I still feel like Ralphie will eventually fall behind.

    I would love some advice as to what direction I should go down to get more help for Ralphie.

    Regards Kirsty


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