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Sexual confidence building and foreplay suggestions

Dizzydoodah Member Posts: 6 Listener
I've recently started dating a guy with, what would be considered the more severe end of the spectrum, CP. He also has dysarthria. Our first date was really fun and I find him great fun and super cute! I'm not ashamed to say I asked him back for 'afters'!
He told me that he was inexperienced and it had been a few years since he had sex so was understandably quite nervous, a few drinks helped us both a bit!
Due to his CP we stuck to me on top. We didn't really go into foreplay on me that night, it wasn't really necessary as I found him very attractive. I think he'd like too though. My question is how to go about it? He has some control over his arms/hands but does shake a bit (nerves probably didn't help!) I want to give him confidence in this to feel more involved and masculine during sex. I know it's a tricky question as everyone's affected in different ways.


  • Richard_Scope
    Richard_Scope Posts: 2,946

    Scope community team

    Hi, what a good question. Speaking from experience of my younger days, nerves will play a big part in exacerbating his CP. I have found that patience and a sense of humour helps a lot with the confidence to try positions and things.
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  • Dizzydoodah
    Dizzydoodah Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Yes it's all experimenting and having a giggle. I've found there's lots of articles Etc on sex and CP but it's all focussed on women with CP. There's nothing I could find for men with CP, very frustrating.
  • VickyS
    VickyS Member Posts: 129 Connected
    Enhance the UK ( has some good sex and relationship info on their website. It's not CP specific but it might be worth a look.
    I find that a good sense of humor can solve a lot of problems!
    Also good luck with your new relationship!
    Vicky xx


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