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wheelchairs from NHS

My son is wheelchair bound and he has an Azaelia from Wheelchair services its awful, his posture is dreadful in it and he now has a small hump between his shoulder blades. I have read the riot act with them over this and it has taken 2 months to get a wheelchair assessment which is tomorrow. Can anyone advise the best make and model for a VERY tall young man that will give his back good support and is still purchased through the NHS.
I want to go in clued up tomorrow.


  • VickySVickyS Member Posts: 132 Listener
    Hi Tina5671,

    Sorry I didn't get chance to reply before you've likely gone to the appointment!

    This is a difficult question to answer as I believe that each wheelchair services team have their own list of makes and models available to them.

    I really hope your son found one suitable for him at the appointment.

    Vicky xx
  • billy1234billy1234 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hope you find the right chair for your son. I had the same problem with my manual chair. If they are being a pain about the chair get onto your GP and the cab anyone you can to help it is crucial he gets the correct chair for his health and comfort and well-being.i ended up going down the voucher sceam not sure if it's available anymore... as they didn't have a chair that fitted right so I got a voucher and went to a mobility shop who had well trained staff put the voucher towards a chair and bought my own. Only problem with this is you have to maintain your chair yourself.and they won't change it if not the right chair for your son carnt recommend a chair as every chair and person is different...Do not let them fob you off by them saying no..Put your foot down and fight... Until they say Yes....
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