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Hi I have two children and my eldest who is nearly 7 is going through the process is being diagnosed with ADHD and autism, he also has severe learning difficulties and has sleep problems he normally gets about 2 hours sleep 3 hours maximum and I also have endo which the cells have spread to my spine which leaves me not very mobile and in pain most of time and can't even pick my youngest up and family life can be stressful and very emotional trying to cope with my little boys problems a good doctor friend told me about this site would be nice to speak to people in the same situation I don't get out much due to my issues and my sons melt downs get too much sometimes so don't really have any friends ever xx


  • anamaniacanamaniac Member Posts: 12
    Welcome on to the board, xjenx0426! Hope we can help wherever we can with your situation and hope the future is bright :)
  • RubyNatashaRubyNatasha Member Posts: 3
    I know the feeling of isolation. It can be tough spending long periods of time in hospital or locked away or even not being able to join in 'properly' when out. I always think to myself that I'm doing it for him. I do struggle though and seeing friends can be really tough if they have children or not so I have come to rely on routine and set activities to keep me sane. My son also spent the first three years having about 5hours of sleep a night I can only imagine how you must be feeling with 2-3 it really did me in but in the last week he has his safe bed set up and I've been advised to leave him there and I feel much better knowing he's safe and I can sleep. The whole world feels a bit easier after some sleep. I hope your feeling a bit better x
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