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Hi, my name is Jodie86!

I have a 10 year old son that has been having problems since he started school he did have bronculitus when he was a baby and also stopped breathing 5 times,he has had a educational psychologist assessment done 2 years ago and was basically told that because my daughter is disabled I'm to blame for they way my son is,we moved him to a new school 1 1/2 years ago and found out that he has mild dyslexia while being assessed by a senco,we have taken him to the doctor recently regarding tics and found out he also has mild torretes,they doctor has asked us to speak the the senco and state to them that he want a educational psyc and a community pediatrition involved,my son is so far behind at school due the difficulties that he has,he can hardly read word or spell any words even 3-4 letter words that are quite simple to spell but when ever we say to the senco regarding our worries we keep being fobbed off and they are refusing to do the referal even with the doctors orders.stuck on what to do


  • htlcy
    htlcy Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Hi Jodie86, and thanks very much for posting. Things must be very difficult for you right now and hopefully this forum will be invaluable in providing some support for you. It might be useful to look at posting any particular enquiries or concerns elsewhere on the forum that are more specific to the subject matter, and you might be able to get in contact with other parents who have been through similar situations in the parents/carers section.
    I'm really hoping you get some answers soon.
    All best


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