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Hi, my name is vickydisabled3years!

vickydisabled3years Community member Posts: 7 Listener
Ive been disabled for three years and I've noticed they isn't alot too do when your disabled you can't go to normal everyday placeses I use a scooter and electric wheelchair as I'm unable to walk and I find I can't get in and out of places easy also I only have a few friends who are not like me they go out all the time which I'm unable to do now I have family but they all drive and I can't get into they cars so I don't see alot of them the reason I've joined your site is I'm looking to see if they are disabled people in my area or places who have the same struggles I'm having and it would be lovely to be able to tell some one whos like me what its like and if they go out and how they cope I also suffer with seizures as well and I have blackouts sometimes so I don't go out as I'm worried when one can come on its not epillipsy there not sure why I keep getting them it does stop me living a normal life and being in a wheelchair isn't easy I've also got 6 children 3with ADHD I only have my youngest with me now IF YOUR WHEELCHAIR BOUND LIKE ME WOULD LOVE TO HEAR HOW YOU COPE AND DO YOU FIND THINGS AS HARD AS I DO WITH EVERYDAY LIVING GETTING OUT AND ABOUT ,SOCIALLIZING,FAMILY,FRIENDS, I WAS FEELING QUITE DOWN WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORING I TRY AND SEE EVERYDAY AS A GOOD ONE BECAUSE THERE ARE WORSE PEOPLE OUT THERE IN MY POSTION THAN ME AND I REMIND MY SELF OF THIS EVERYDAY I WAKE UP TODAY IS AN OFF DAY IM GLAD IVE JOINED THIS SITE AND PEOPLE HAVE COMMENTED BACK TO ME IT MAKES MY LIFE WORTH WHILE AND TOO KNEW THERE OTHER PEOPLE WHHO FEEL LIKE ME IM NOT ALONE AS THERE ARE NOT TOO IF U WOULD LIKE TO CHAT TOO ME IT WOULD BE GREAT RO HEAR FROM U


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