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My autistic son and depression

Victoria Twardoch
Victoria Twardoch Member Posts: 1
Hiya can someone please give some advise on my child he's 14 and he's doesn't cry not at all but today all he's done cry and say he feels depressed he doesn't like school he goes to a iv really tried to talk to him show him that things will be ok but he's not listening please help


  • Yasmin Larkin
    Yasmin Larkin Member Posts: 1
    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time recently.
    I am the parent of three children with autism, so I hope I can help you.
    I suggest you call the specialist nursing team in your area ( usually located at the child development centre) and ask for an appointment to see them, in case this depression becomes a long term thing.
    For the meantime, I have a little bag, we call it 'The Worry Bag' if my children have something that's worrying or depressing them and they don't want to talk about it, they write it down and let the worry bag take care of it. At the end of the day, they can either just throw the worries away or sit and discuss them with me.
    I find with my children they feel much better with this approach.
    I have a Facebook community page dedicated to autism, if you want to join the page you're very welcome, you can always send me a PM and I can anonymously display it on the page and let people comment their suggestions.
    It's called sugar, spice and all things autism.

    Yasmin xx
  • Taffy
    Taffy Member Posts: 1
    I would speak to the school is there bullying sorry for being thick what is an iv?
  • wilson106
    wilson106 Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to this site,so not sure if your son's problems have been resolved 
    Personally I would recommend CAMHS (child and adolescent health service) try and get him referred, I've been a Teaching Assistant for a number of years and the young adults under CAMHS tend to get more support and will carry on after leaving School. Unfortunately my own son who is now 20 has autism like your own son and is depressed plus having major panic attacks after entering the wrong apprenticeship for him with very little support has left him scared and feeling worthless... I've taken him to the doctors with no real results ,gave him councillors number but he won't talk to people he doesn't know ,no support available for these young adults says doctor. Hope this helps.
  • mandy2000
    mandy2000 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    my son is 16 now and when he was 5 he used to kick off all the time and no one listen until we joined at group with families in the same way and helped us understand differents and all the children different age all played and help each other doing activities, 
  • wpope
    wpope Member Posts: 5
    I've just joined . My son was bullied for years and sometimes you need to just sit in their room beside them and say very little because it's been proven that women talk and fuss too much men say less and with autism kids are just not good at hoping with a barrage of words . I hope this does not home across wrong I am a woman with 2 Autistic kids and sometimes with especially my son you want for them to say whars wrong instead of is it this it's it that??? You wait for them to come out with what has happened as it may be quite traumatic for them and if they are getting bullied I hope this is not the case the bullys make it shameful to talk about. I was bullied for years and some things were outright abuse and they make you ashamed for what they made you do in a great amount of fear and I'm an outer environment that I had no support . I hope your son resolves this and is better bouncing back soon I know how hard it can be
  • Julie94
    Julie94 Member Posts: 3
    My son was bullied at school & he was self-harming as well, a teacher caught the bullies & suspended them. My son has Asperger's, depression & I don't know how to cope as my marriage has broken down & my sons at Uni now
  • wpope
    wpope Member Posts: 5
    My life is pretty stressful and I won't swear but my 2 are 14 and 15 they are not as old as your son but time for you to take a little time for yourself I do most of my courses and self esteem and meetings about the kids with autism theme during school hours now mine are a little older I tried to find out about myself again , sounds ridiculous but I'm planning to go University next year probably be in a Uni with my kids at the same time but who knows where doing the right course can bring out in you . If the uni is looking after him and you explain all these problems then you can get student councillors to look out for his well being and try to get support from there it's sometimes more better from other people and effective from others it will not be as much on just you as my daughter tends to go into a set pattern of behaviour when I'm about. Do some short course at college something you haven't done for years or before you had this life of marriage child divorce find you again . I'm still trying hope this all helps ?
  • Julie94
    Julie94 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for that wpope I have already done a degree finished it a few years ago, but I have to work to pay the bills as my husbands run off with a woman who's only a few years older than my daughter. He doesn't have anything to do with his kids, as he waited until my son was 21 before having affairs & he didn't even tell me himself, his girlfriend told me. I've already made changes in my life, trying to get over a 28-year marriage, but it still hurts that he could betray me & the family like that.  
  • wpope
    wpope Member Posts: 5
    You need to live your life now and see what things are open to you . I can't imagine the hurt and betrayal and because you found you put a lot of your life and have your time to all of them especially your hubby [email protected]# but get out don't sit and rue and depress yourself . Sometimes you have to look at life as sections it's sometimes easier , that section is done make another


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