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my 5 yr old daughter

satahcoe Member Posts: 3
hi i have a 5yr old daughter that is way behind in all subjects she is in yr1 at mo will be in yr 2 in sept she has had eye and ear issues plus hip dysplacia as a baby always been behind in nursery and now school, been and spoken to teacher and no joy who can i speak to about if i am really worried about her falling behind


  • Chloe
    Chloe Member Posts: 6 Listener
    edited March 2016
    I know your difficulties as I am a disabled teenager myself. It sounds like the school are not listening to what you are saying. I had the same issues whilst in secondary school. I know my case may be a little different but I wasdiagnosed with hydrocephalus at 14 weeks of age. From there I had two ETV's and then a shunt fitted at six months. I was fine up until I was 8, I'm now 16. This is when I hit rock bottom. I had variuos operations and things to try to fix the issue and well the issue was resolved, I had a new shunt fitted, but I still had difficulties with everyday life. It was not again until I was 15 thatI stopped getting support from school and the education system. When I turned 15 my mum had to fight to get the school to acknowledge that I had issues that needed to be sorted. I had to go and see a neuropsycologist to basically write a report explaining all my issues. i know this may not have been what you were looking for but in basic words you need to make the issue seem bigger than what it is and you need to get medical professionals to back up what you are saying to get any help. Hope this helps.
    Another thing could be to speak to the education boards to see whether they can help with your issue
  • NikiM
    NikiM Member Posts: 36 Connected
    Hi. Your first port of call needs to be school. If the teacher is not listening ask to speak to the SenCo. If she is falling behind they have to have a strategy in place to support her and they need to tell you what that looks like and how they plan to monitor her progress. The law has changed and the onus is in the first place on schools to increase support for students for a period of 2 terms I think and if they cannot show suitable progress they or you can then request a formal assessment (if you ask for one now they will still direct you back to school) which may result in her receiving support through a Statement or Education, Health and Care Plan. Hope this helps. X
  • satahcoe
    satahcoe Member Posts: 3
    thank you all for your comments i ve phoned the head teacher and i am waiting for a call back at moment but can i go to local education dept if the school are brushing me off , cos the teacher who my daughter has just says she ll catch up in her own time but there are no signs of her catching up the classes are big and some of the children are nearly a yr older than my daughter just feel she is slipping through the cracks, 

  • NikiM
    NikiM Member Posts: 36 Connected
    You can go to the Local Authority to ask them to assess her but they too will ask what the school has put in place for her. It may however be the push the school need to get on with things so give it a try. Have you also tried to contact your local Parent Partnership organisation? They support parents with children with SEN. You should be able to find their details online or on your local council's website. May be worth also having a chat to them. Good luck!


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