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I am looking for a job with a company that is more understanding

SueA2016 Member Posts: 2
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  • SueA2016
    SueA2016 Member Posts: 2
    Hello Michelle, I have Multiple Sclorosis and Scoliosis And I am in full time work at present but I am finding it hard to hold down a full time job. The company I am with at present are not very helpful or understanding about my illness even though they were fully aware of this prior to my start date with them. I am looking for a job with more understanding and I believe there are companies which are more disabled friendly on something called a two tick scheme? I am just looking for help to get me in a job with a company that is more understanding but unsure where to look. I live in Hull in Yorkshire.
    Thank you
  • Chell
    Chell Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Hi Sue,

    Have you officially requested to go to part time hours? It is always worth a try. research on the HR files how to request part time hours. Are you part of a Union ? As they can also help you if you come up against any issues, as your employer should make reasonable adjustments for you.

    Alternatively you can apply for two tick companies, this means that if you benchmark for the role you have applied for they should provide you with a interview. But be prepared to question why you did not get an interview. As two tick companies are not really monitored.

    Try you local council as they are excellent employers for disabled people. Also try

    Hope this helps Sue :)
  • Mistry_Girl
    Mistry_Girl Member Posts: 1
    Hi sue,

    I work for a bank have been there coming to 8years this year, in 2013 I became partially paralysed and lost my voice I've been on long term sick then I tried on a few occasion to have my company try and take me back into work but no one helped since then in 2014 I became pregnant and was given maternity however my health condition of the paralysis comes and goes my voice is still not back I've had neumerous Health checks for example MRI Scans extra.

    I have been told by the doctor that my condition is related to phycological problems that can take effect at any point of your life and there isn't much I can do about it, I've had voice therapy also no help, my husband asked my work to see if thy could arrange for me to work from home using the Internet doing anything relating to email enquirers, in the past we've asked if I could do admin work but they are saying it's not possible as no jobs in that sector available. In the past I was advised to either come back to my job role if not find another job by completing an interview or leave the company.

    I have a child to look after and don't see why I should have to leave my job I don't see why they cannot arrange for me to be moved into an admin role or get me to just call grade calls as that was part of my job description.

    Could you please advise as I feel as if they don't want to help are trying to create this so that I get fed up and leave.
  • Chell
    Chell Member Posts: 20 Listener

    HI Mistry Girl

    Firstly I am sorry that you have had such a hard time.

    Your employers only have to make reasonable adjustments, that effect the role as little as possible.

    However you do not say if you have had a Occupational health assessment.  There are numerous options in software that your company can invest in if the assessment is carried out correctly. Also depending on the size of the company you may be entitled to Access to Work, which may be able to contribute or pay for the equipment. 

    I have details of a company that can supply and advise your company after a assessment what could  be suitable for you. ( I will post them separately as I do  not have their business card with me today)

    Obviously this does not take in to account if you want to go part time or change your current job role. As this is not considered a reasonable adjustment.

    Sometimes you have to educate the employers as they do not understand.

    ill repost the detail of the soft ware company later.




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