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Senior roles need experience which I can't get - its catch 22!

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  • JgeekJgeek Member Posts: 68
    Hi Michelle,

    I have Cerebral Palsy and 3 degrees in Mathematical Sciences, my PhD aims have flopped for the moment and I am finding it really hard to get work. Most junior roles are requiring speech or something physical e.g. picking up phones & making teas etc, my voice is unclear if you don't know me and movement is unsteady. On the other hand, Senior roles need experience which I can't get (see above) its catch 22! Any pointers would be great, even if its just to advises how open I need to be on my CV and how to deal with recruiters that insist on calling and then not understand my speech
    Many thanks
  • ChellChell Member Posts: 29 Listener
    Jess, Sorry for the delay

    Wow you are so smart and a company would/ should be proud to have you. You do not say what you want to do, or what experience you have?

    so I will keep my response general, Firstly put on your CV or applications that you prefer to converse through email (Deaf people put SMS only, its the same thing) . If they email you can then explain. Don't put your condition on you cv though, it shouldn't matter but we both know that it does.

    If you are having problems with agencies contact them directly with email so that they are fully aware of your conditions.

    Most people don't think to do the next suggestion. List the companies that you would like to work for. Look up if they have a disability group in HR, most large corps do. If they don't still do the following.
    Write a speculative letter ( can get pointers on line, how to write good spec letter etc.), pointing out what you can do for them and ask have they any openings, also that you would be happy to work from the ground up. companies like this as it shows that you are keen and they don't have to go through the expense of an agency.

    Also, I say this a lot, try and get some volunteering especially in the field of work you would like to be in, charity's are always crying out for help. It shows that you can work and that your willing to try.

    Hope this helps

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