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computer games for daughter who is blind

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  • Hello Chris, we have an 8 year old daughter who is blind with severe cp who we are trying to find computer games for. She used to play a couple of cbeebies games online that just required her to hit the space bar when prompted but they are a bit babyish for her. Is there anything she could play online or otherwise? She loves rhymes & music. Is there also any voice activated technology (as she speaks quite clearly) so she could select her music off the computer? Thanks. Leesa
  • Chris2Chris2 Member Posts: 35 Listener
    Hi Lisa
    Sincere Apologies for my late reply.
    There is a series of nursery rhyme based games called "Choose and Tell". These can be found on Inclusive Technology's website. They introduce simple choice making and can be activated by a single switch. They are really fun and are fully narrated so your daughter should be able to engage with them. "Switch Skills Champions" is another game available on Inclusive Technology's website that involves "track and field" type games that can be played with a single switch. The sound effects indicate when someone has or hasn't scored so it is very well designed for people with visual impairments. The game is designed for one or two players so your daughter could play against other people - it could be a great way for you to have some fun together! www.priorywoods.Middlesbrough.sch has some fantastic single switch activated musical videos that I have used with students for years now, if your daughter likes music she should have fun with these!
    With regards to the voice activation, Windows 7 has good voice control facilities integrated that may allow your daughter to control her music player. The Xbox Kinect has recently had a software update that allows for greater control of the console by voice activation. I haven't explored this fully yet but it looks very good and there are a couple of ways it could be set up to control music. Your daughter may benefit from the use of switches. If she is already learning to use a switch to control a computer there is a great piece of software called "The Grid 2". It enables the full control of a Windows PC by a single switch - it may also be possible to use voice activation but I have never tried - may have to get back to you on that one.
    I hope this has been some help, please let me know if you require more information on switches or any further software. Your daughter may benefit from an IT assessment to look at how she can progress her independent use of a computer and other devices...
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