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Hi, I've been in a lot of pain with muscle spasms and my left foot is so tight that i'm waiting for a consultant appointment to discuss using  Botox to help. I use a splint but my foot is not laying flat and the orthotist has suggested this treatment. I just wondered if this helps in older people with cp [i'm almost 60]I know it's been used for children. Lynne Reynolds


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    Hi Lynne

    Yes botox can be used to give temporary relief from tight muscles for adults as well as children. However, it isn't suitable for everyone so individual assessment by a Consultants is important. There is general information about botox available at :

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    I did try Botox for my legs, as its tight even now really tight.... It didn't work for me well I couldn't walk at first, but it won't work for everyone, gym helps me stretch the muscles in my calfs also phyio helps too, when I had it back then but some home excerises also helped, but the tense up moments well there're no cure for that atm.