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Technology to help deaf people

SuffolkSilver Member Posts: 1
Unless I am missing something.  as a severely deaf person I feel that my eyesight is underused.  With speech recognition it would be easy for me to read what people are saying on a mobile phone or tablet.  Better still by using a development of Google Glass - I would prefer to look at someone while they are speaking.  But despite this obvious application there seems to be little progress in this area.  I have used a bluetooth microphone to dictate to an iPad even at a distance. Severely deaf students could use this in lectures and have a complete transcription of what is being said


  • Kim_AssistiveTech
    Kim_AssistiveTech Member Posts: 50
    edited May 2016
    Hi @SuffolkSilver

    You raise a very interesting point and I am happy to tell you that there is in fact and app in development at the moment which does just as you say.

    Take a look at this article on AVA (was previously called Transcense). This is the website of the team creating it and here's the video they're using to raise money to produce the app. 

    Let me know your thoughts. 


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