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My son needs to see an EP

lily Member Posts: 1
hi, my son in 4 years old and at nursery. He has been seeing specialists since the age of 2 for delayed speech, language and social communication. Last year his assessments started with his specialist nurse etc. He has just had his ADOS done and they want to observe him at nursery . His specialist nurse asked the nursery to refer him to  an EP , but when the EP was there my son was very unwell with a lung infection , they told me they wanted him to see the EP that week he was ill!!!!!!!! So they've put him to the bottom of the list as other children need to see the EP more than my son. My son has a 1-1 and is in the DAF process , they keep referring to funding telling me they don't have enough funding etc , I told them if they won't refer him then I will get his doctor to or I will do it myself , which they just replied with  even if someone else refers him it will still come out of nursery funds!!! I told them I want my son to attend a SEN school not a main stream school which he is due to start in September , they've told me my son won't get into a SEN school and the EP will say the same.

they are now telling me to defer my son for a year and see if he can get in to the nursery at the school. That setting will ruin him as he has lots of sensory issues too. 

Im really upset with this and how my son is being treated. Funds seem to be the only thing they are interested in.


  • OlliHannah
    OlliHannah Member Posts: 30 Connected

    Hi lily

    I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences - it is so frustrating when everything seems to come down to funding rather than what is in the best interests of your son which is the REALLY important thing.

    Have you been in touch with IPSEA? They support parents around issues with education and have an advice line on 0800 018

    Best of luck with everything

  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 118 Courageous
    Hello Lily, it sounds like things are unclear and frustrating. I would suggest contacting the EP team directly to discuss your concerns. It may be that the nursery have little control but are not communicating very effectively with you. Funding and limited EP visits to the nursery are likely to be genuine causes of concern for the school but this is their issue. They still have a duty of care to meet your son's needs while he is in attendance at their setting. As his needs sound quite complex, you may want to consider requesting an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment. See IPSEA as OlliHannah suggested. You may also want to ask advice on the Facebook parent group 'It's nothing you.' 


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