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Do we need to see an OT again? Or get a referral? Is this now a diagnosis?

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  • MissCC
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    Hi Hanna,
    I had a Senco meeting at my sons school, the Ed Psy had carried out an assessment on my son aged 10 as his  school aren't supporting him adequately, he has diagnosises of Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, Dyspraxia,Dyagraphia & Sensory Processing disorder, in the report it says my son has Hypermobility in his Joints and Low Muscle tone in his arms, trunk and legs.. We knew about the low muscle tone and have been using techniques to increase his upper body strength ( he is of very slight build ) I have never been told he has Hypermobility in his joints before and wonder where we go to for treatment, I know there is no cure for this but feel after being told this surely we should be told if we need to see OT again ? Or get a referral to where? Is this now a diagnosis?  or do we need to get this assessed/ diagnosed by a GP or Paediatrician - any insight into this would be appreciated. 
    Thank you.... Concerned Mum 
  • EducationalPsychologist
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    Hello MissCC
    Yes you should ask your GP to refer you to OT. Ask the OT to provide you and school with intervention programme, even whether they can offer individual therapy sessions. After an appointment, look out for a letter that may say your child will be discharged unless you contact them again. Always go back for review/updated assessments and advice unless the OT directly informs you that your child no longer needs their service. Always ask for standardised assessments to be part of the assessment. Does your son have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)? It sounds like he has complex needs so you may want to think about whether this is something that would benefit him. You may like to look at to get information on how to ensure the school are meetings his needs, as well as info on EHCPs.
  • MissCC
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    Hi Hannah,
    Thank you for replying, I shall contact my GP. 
    I asked the school to apply for an EHCP I submitted all the reports to the school in January, 5 months after continuous checking on the process the Senco handed me the application form and stated " I've done it, you won't get it " She also told me the school had difficulty proving they had spent £6k notional Sen Budget supporting my son and that they'd barely met £2k - the deficit is actually more than this.
    I have contacted SIAS ( Southwark Independant Advice Service ) they attended a meeting with me and the Senco - the school haven't been giving my son any interventions or support ( he was getting Handwriting support, OT exercises to increase upper body strength ) those had stopped unbeknown to me, the reasons she gave was, one TA had been vey unwell and was off sick and due the Yr 6 SATs  - I expressed he has special educational needs regardless of if it's convenient or not with the schools staffing issues. My son has  still been receiving social skills group for half an hour each week - with little effect. The Sen Advisor at SIAS  told the school the support wasn't sufficient and a plan has been drawn up.. I asked for EP to re-assess with the report previously mentioned being added to the EHCP - although this is now on hold to see how the interventions go, we have requested a review with the Community Paediatrician so the report can also be submitted with the EHCP application. 
    I've since contacted Autism Support who have worked with the school and again without my knowledge with my son - I don't know what he done whether he assessed my son or advised the school - we are meeting on 13th June myself, Senco & Head of Autism support service to discuss EHCP and any support presumably. 
    I keep asking what level my son is currently working at and they don't answer the question - the Senco put on the application my son was a level 5 - I produced samples of his writing and asked them to explain how it was a level 5 as it's barely legible, she told me it was a year 5 ? Again I don't have any idea of which level he is at as they tell me "academically he is behind, but not behind behind" 
    I am extremely concerned and frustrated. 
  • EducationalPsychologist
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    This all sounds very frustrating for you and concerning for your son. Please note that no external school professional can work directly with your son without your permission, so it is most likely they offered staff consultation. If you do not feel the school are meeting your son's needs you should read their SEND and complaints policies. Follow the complaints procedures, taking your concerns from SENCO, to headteacher, to governors if you need to. You may find some helpful advice from parents in similar situations on the Facebook group 'Its not just you.' I hope you are able to move forward with requesting an EHCP assessment.


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