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Going to the dentist

socksoff Member Posts: 31
edited June 2016 in Autism and neurodiversity
I am very interested to hear about parents' experiences of taking their children with autism and learning difficulties to the dentist.  I find it really stressful (even though my son is now 13) and he can get very lively and destructive in the dentists' surgery these days which is a handful!  I am going to be doing some research on individual experiences so would like to hear from you about any difficulties you have had but also if anything has helped you to manage the dental visit - apps, social stories, your own visual schedules, existing story books etc.  


  • SofRoch
    SofRoch Member Posts: 22

    Hi socksoff,

    Just wondering if you've seen the section on the National Autistic Society website about visiting the dentist? If you've already read this, apologies but if not it might be helpful.

  • socksoff
    socksoff Member Posts: 31
    Hi - thanks for that.  Yes I have seen it but appreciate the response.  We have worked out our own social stories which help but I was wondering what works for others and what difficulties they experience and whether they think there is anything that might be useful.  All responses very welcome!
  • YoungCarerOverHere
    YoungCarerOverHere Member Posts: 45 Connected
    Although I'm not a parent, my autistic younger brother does have similar struggles in the dentists. If we even use the word dentist he goes into a panicky state and it takes him A WHILE to recover! In my brothers case, he finds the rubber gloves and tools in his mouth horrible and he continually refuses to sit in the main chair.

    To ease the visit we found that bribes worked well. Not food (because that would defeat the object of the dentist!) but a new DVD. Last time at the dentist we were able to get him to open his mouth widely AND under the proper lamp! It's a slow progress but I hope that next time we'll be able to get him on the chair! I often have to hold his hands too- to stop him pushing the dentist away

    Hope this was a bit helpful :)
  • JenniferU
    JenniferU Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    Hi @socksoff

    We also have some great tips about teeth and hygiene that have been submitted by members of the community here, which you might find helpful: http://www.scope.org.uk/support/tips/hygiene/teeth

  • socksoff
    socksoff Member Posts: 31
    Thanks @YoungCarerOverHere and @JenniferU - both very helpful suggestions and stories.  Any more experiences out there - good or bad?  It's all really helpful - thanks
  • Jackie
    Jackie Member Posts: 24 Connected

    Hello There

    Have you watched the following Youtube link:


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