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disability through mental illness and care and living arrangements in later life

pip Member Posts: 71 Connected
hello my name is Philip, I'm part disabled through an enduring mental illness, 59 and single, I live in the family home with my dear elderly frail mum, we care for each other.

I am worried if I lost dear mum, we are close and she understands my condition and cares, my consultant agrees that a fully independent living would be beyond me, I have suffered quite long with this and I wouldn't want to live in a flat on my own, though I can stay in the family home.

Does anyone have a similar situation or suggestions? the charity independent age mentioned extra care housing, as mum would like to move to north wales, I found one online there, if we don't go I doubt she would go into one here; you buy or rent your own place but have help to live there 24/7 and there's social things, you have to have assessed needs, then a reverend at my church told me about Croydon almshouses where she was a chaplain and how good they were, care and companionship, a sense of belonging, family are things I would like.

does anyone or their relatives have experience of these types of housing and living? Thankyou


  • unluckyglo
    unluckyglo Member Posts: 9
    Most towns have what you are looking for called assisted living. Some offer meals others don't. All have a community room. Not sure who would be best for you to contact, as so many variables. Age UK have many advisers so could try there first. Hope this helps a little
  • pip
    pip Member Posts: 71 Connected
    thankyou unlucky goo, I hadn't thought of asking the local ageuk, my befriender from carers support I can ask too, if we moved together then there would need to be a smaller place, care and support, and a social/ belonging- mum is elderly/ frail and I've a psychiatric history/ disability. i have to think if I'd benefit from the change of location, the new social life and level of independence. at least we can take a look at what's around locally or in north wales, or by my sister, for the foreseeable we stay here in the family home, which mum forgets is hers!


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